Monday, May 10, 2010

I urge Congress to focus on the environmental degradation that continues as a result of the ongoing release of oil into the water. An investigation into the accident aboard the Horizon should be held, along with other legislative business, but thousand of barrels of crude oil shouldn't be spilling into the sea while that is carried out. Are the best solutions proposed being utilized, who should command the effort? Are superior, less toxic dispersants available? If this isn't handled well, no investigation will be able to fix it. We still have a chance to avert total disaster. Congress should make sure that any plan that might worsen the leak is subject to public scrutiny and careful consideration.

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  1. Hey, stumbled onto your site somehow...looks like you're interested in looking for some ideas?
    I live in Alberta, Canada. Everytime we have a spill or leak around my area I know one of the 'weapons' used is good old fashioned sawdust. When spread on land it absorbs many many times its' weight in oil and can be moved as a solid for disposal rather than a liquid.
    Has anyone tried spreading sawdust in the ocean? I would think nice dry sawdust will float along with the oil. And I would also think that the states in this area would have sawmills, furniture manufacturers, etc. to supply quantities to offer an attempt.
    Get back to me at if you want..?