Thursday, May 6, 2010

First, I would like to offer my condolences to loved ones of the the crew members who perished in the Gulf of Mexico. As someone who just lost a very dear family member, I know that you are experiencing a horrible time right now. My thoughts are with you. I am sorry.

As soon as I got an idea of the seriousness of the situation in the gulf, I found that BP was accepting submissions for ideas to mitigate the damage caused by the incident. I have not seen on their site, government sites, nor in the press details that engineers and others would find useful.
This is a call for information.
  1. drawings to scale of the leaks' locations on the bottom including other known features
  2. a table of currents at various depths at the location
  3. vessels, materials, and other resources at the company's disposal
  4. estimates of the trajectory of the oil as it ascends
I would like to thank all parties who can provide this information. I ask them to provide this information to the press as well as post it to:
so it will be more widely viewed than on this blog.

If the company is overwhelmed by submissions of duplicate ideas, perhaps someone or organization who can be available around the clock can provide a forum to on which the public's suggestions can be merged

Let's stop this spill and help as many of the animals as we can and save fault finding for a later date, please.

Any suggestions that I send to BP will be posted here as well.
thanks 4 reading

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  1. Julian,

    Your mind and heart are a gift from GOD and
    they are both as brilliant as ever. Thank you
    for using them correctly. This is the first
    hopeful sounding, intelligent, thoughtful
    bit of problem solving I've heard since the
    disaster occured; and I'm not saying that
    because you are my dear friend.